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Amazing!! He is incredible and I consider Dr Bran the best in his field. I am nervous about needles and Dr Bran is so chill and calming I didn’t even know it was happening. The efficacy of service was beyond my expectations and I would come back for life if I lived in the same country as Dr Bran so sadly I have to make it only when I am in town.
Los Angeles
Dr Bran hasn’t disappointed! From start to finish, the level of care, communication and service has been second to none from both him and Talia, his assistant. I’m so happy with the results and cannot recommend him highly enough. If you’re looking for a surgeon that you’re going to have a good relationship with, that you can trust and will give you fantastic results, look no further!
In as little as a day after the surgery I felt incredible, I was free, happy and in control. For my entire life, I’ve never felt this way until now.‍ I'm greatly appreciative for Dr. Bran's work and the confidence he has given me.
New York
Dr.Bran is amazing! I did a rhinoplasty in March 2019. Very satisfied with the result so far. Loving my new nose every day!! He has been totally honest and very understanding of what I requested, very patient I have been e-mailing him a lot and he wasn’t bothered at all. He explained to me the whole process clearly and showed how my nose would look like. I would totally recommend him.
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