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The lips are one of the most important centres for communication. Any subtle changes in the contours of our lips have the power to tell if we are pleased, amused or unhappy.

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Why you may consider lip lift surgery

The lips are one of the most important centres for communication. Any subtle changes in the contours of our lips have the power to tell if we are pleased, amused or unhappy. On top of being a powerful silent communicator, our lips also create a framework for our teeth. Full lips, and well-balanced tooth show emphasise the youthful appearance and a warm-hearted character of a person.

The Tip Lip Complex

Mr. Bran is an expert in lip surgery and non-surgical treatments for the lips. He has performed extensive research about the perception of beauty with specific focus on the lips. Always seeing the bigger picture, he established surgical and non-surgical techniques that improve the appearance of the lips but equally extend their effect to the surrounding areas of the face.

The Brow-Tip-Line, is a well-established aesthetic ideal which defines a harmonious line between two separate areas of the face: the eyebrows and the nose. It refers to an ideal aesthetic relationship between the eyebrows, the contours of a nose and the nasal tip (see illustration below).

Mr. Bran believes that a similar aesthetic relationship exists between the aesthetic subunits of the nasal tip and the lips, which he refers to as the TLC (Tip Lip Complex). The attention of the viewer is drawn from the nasal tip, across well-contoured philtral columns toward the lips.

FAQ - Lip Lift

Simple, easy to understand answers to the most frequently asked questions by our hairline surgery patients.

Is lip surgery very painful and does it cause bruising?

Minimal discomfort is expected. This includes swelling and minimal bruising. Any swelling or bruising should resolve after approximately 10 days.

How long do lip surgery procedures take?

Usually most of the lip surgery procedures take approximately 40 to 60 minutes to perform.

Does lip surgery require general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?

Most of the methods described above can be offered as a day case procedure, performed under local anaesthetic in our practice. If you are having a general anaesthetic for another facial procedure, lip surgery may then be combined.

Before and After

We pride ourselves in doing great work and we pride ourselves in sharing the wonderful results we’ve helped our patients achieve.

A message from Dr. Bran

If you’re considering surgery or just looking to learn more about the process, our founder Dr. Bran has some important words of support and advice to share.

What to expect if you’re interested in surgery

When you choose to have surgery with us, you embark on a journey with a team that has your best interests at heart. Not only will we guide you through the process, but we’ll make sure that you understand everything, each and every step of the way.

1. Education

You’ll get access to a free library of educational resources to learn what the best next steps are for you.

2. Consultation

Whenever you’re ready, you can request a consultation with Dr Bran to discuss the right option for you.

3. Surgery

If you decide to proceed with surgery, we’ll organise everything required to deliver you world-class treatment.

4. After care

Following your surgery, we offer a bespoke after care service which is included in all our surgeries.

We love our work and our patients do too.

Like any master craftsman, we do what we do, because we love what we do. Our work is made more fulfilling by the fact that each and every one of our patients, can walk away with a new spring in their step and a more confident way of living their lives.

I had an upper lip lift six weeks ago with Dr. Bran and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my face! I absolutely love it! Prior to surgery I always looked miserable when my face was resting because the area between the bottom of my nose to the top of my lip was so long and I had no top lip.I'm 45 and I've had lip fillers umpteen times over the years but they weren't making me look any better, just highlighting the massive gap. I felt really self-conscious about this. This gap had been getting longer too and apparently this is quite common as we get older. In fact, the area can double in length as we age so its no wonder so many of us look long in the face in our later years! Dr. Bran lifted my lip by just over half a centimeter from under my nose in a procedure that only took 45 minutes. Forty-five minutes that have been utterly life-changing. The difference is truly amazing! I look happy now, which reflects the person I am on the inside. It's given me a newfound confidence. No one is telling me to 'cheer up' as they used to either. Before I had the surgery my friends told me not to get it done, but I didn't listen to them. And I'm so glad because they've all eaten their words! They also cannot believe the difference. My best friend says my lip lift makes me look younger.I really can't thank Dr. Bran enough. Recovery has been extremely quick. I had the stitches out five days after surgery and you can't even tell where the scar is as it's neatly under my nose. I love the natural shape of mouth and I don't have to pull any pouty faces for photos anymore. My resting, relaxed face will do just fine!‍

Tanya J


Dr. Bran came highly recommended by friends of mine. When I was ready to book my consultation, I was informed that he was not working in Germany anymore. I contacted his office in London and decided to see him. I did a lot of research, looking for the right surgeon for an upper eyelid surgery and a lip lift. After having met Greg Bran I understood, why my friends told me I need to see him. I felt 100% safe and well informed about both procedures. He explained all details so that I had no difficulties following his innovations. Everything turned out just as he told me. He met all my hopes and made my dreams come true. He is a life changer, and I can only recommend him to anyone considering surgery.